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Celebrating their 25th year of invading Earth, Dave Brockie and his associates that comprise the mighty Gwar continue to churn out comedically-driven theatrical heavy metal on their latest 11-track endeavor BLOODY PIT OF HORROR. Championing their novelty status to the hilt while producing salacious slabs of explosive metal in the process (“Storm is Coming”), Gwar may be best known for their outlandish look and circus-like live show, but their music has seen a significant upgrade in the last few years. Locking in with a hammering thrash metal precision, the musicians underneath the costumes have stepped up their game considerably in the last few releases, and retain the same spirit here with a barrage of tasty double barrel riffs (“A Gathering of Ghouls”) and a punkish metal charm (“Beat You to Death) firmly planted within the band’s outrageous framework. Gwar has morphed into a band with both nasty effects and nasty riffs fueling their intergalactic chaotic chicanery.
- Mike SOS