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The trio known as Mini Mansions has developed a complex 12-track collection of tunes that stands on its own from the rest of the pack by going retro on their eponymous introduction to the world. Steeped in a 60ís grandiose pop mood with oddball composition tendencies strewn in for a trip-laden experience while adorned with pleasant vocal harmonies galore, this unit featuring Michael Shuman of Queens of the Stone Age dug into their Beatles and Beach Boys catalog extensively here, resulting in the memberís excavating uneasy yet strangely appealing walls of sound radiating with equal amounts of vintage warmth and modern quirk. Psychedelically inclined courtesy of swirls of pianos and organs nestled next to the barrage of LSD-flavored layered vocals, despite measures Mini Mansions take to insure a nostalgic trip for the ages, a prevalent electronic pulse pumping underneath keeps the music from becoming merely a retread, instead pushing the album into uncharted territories where current exercises of mind expansion and an irrefutable love for Brit pop is necessary.
- Mike SOS