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Heavy music derives from many different forms and can morph and grow into a number of sub-genres. Toadliquor's sludgy approach to heavy showcases a band that enjoy beating the hell out of a song until there's nothing left but ash in its wake. But, Toadliquor doesn't utilize the devices speed or precision to get to its breaking point. Instead, this group of chugging churners uses natural erosion as its weapon of choice. The end result is over 70 minutes of quelude enhanced, slow cooked heavy music madness that contains some of the most deliberately sluggish drums and rhythms found. If you had a Slayer vinyl album, put it on super slow speed, and swallowed a whole lot of pills, the end result may sound like "Charred" or Swarm", as it contains all the nuances at 1/16 the speed. Bring your attention span to this one, folks.
- Mike SOS