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US black metal merchants Krieg return from hiatus with a new lineup in tow and a 10-track album chock full of despair entitled THE ISOLATIONIST. Expressing their dizzying sense of dissonance with a handful of hateful scorn strewn in for good measure, this excursion exercises its right to be as bleak as necessary yet strays from the beaten black metallic path enough to allow the stream of repetitive atmospheric passages and ambient tribal percussive elements to stand along side the undercurrent of seething rage without feeling out of place, truly creating a progressive and unsettling listening environment. Championing an authenticated classic buzzing guitar and raspy vocal style straight out of Norway with a penchant for tossing in an array of off-kilter shifts and exploratory moments much like their USBM peers, Krieg provide the right amount of aggression with an ample share of adventure to mark their righteous return to the battlefield.
- Mike SOS