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Fleshwrought is a side project featuring Jonny Davy from Job for a Cowboy on vocals and Navene Koperweis from Animosity and The Faceless taking control of the rest of the musical roles. This high profile duo has teamed up to provide an assault that goes beyond both membersí usual technical deathcore output on the 10-track release DEMENTIA DYSLEXIA. Armed with a smattering of angular riffs and unorthodox progressive tendencies galore, Fleshwrought have created a mechanical meltdown whose clinical yet chaotic nature supports everything hurled at listeners from random saxophone that wanders in and out and bits of industrialized white noise going nose to nose with a face ripping guitar presence that fearlessly veers into experimental realms without losing an ounce of its brutal edge. Truly a cut above the norm, the debut from Fleshwrought ranks high amongst the modern death metal sect and is worthy of your attention if you are a fan of the new sounds of metallic ferocity.
- Mike SOS