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It's hard to say what exactly happened to the Austin, Texas based Toadies and why this hard rocking, well-textured and overall kick ass outfit decided to call it a day. Especially after embarking on a semi-successful comeback with the gem HELL BELOW, STARS ABOVE, and while enduring a lengthy, near decade hiatus, it still remains baffling to the droves of the band's rabid fan base. Thankfully, the band had enough presence of mind to release an album whose purpose is two-fold; not only does it contain all of the bands "hits", (and yes, "Possum Kingdom" is included for all those who only know what they hear on the radio), but it also showcases the band in a live setting, an element where the band truly shined. Sadly, Toadies have decided to part ways, but the rock legacy that they left behind is solidly capped off with this 18-track live offering that is a must have for fanatics of the group and rock fans in general alike.
- Mike SOS