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NYC doom metal merchants Unearthly Trance unleash an abrasive yet hypnotic metal excursion with their latest full-length affair entitled V. This veteran unit keep tempos down to a pummeling crawl while pushing intensity levels into the red thanks to a mammoth percussive presence and an eerie psychedelic vibe woven into their thick and viscous yet surprisingly melodic and memorable sensory attack. Boasting an intriguing array of brutality manipulated through the inescapable sense of despair that oozes from the bevy of discordant guitar riffs and harsh and foreboding vocals, this 13-track endeavor does suffer from being a bit too redundant at times, noticeably dragging the discís momentum down, though those subscribed to elements of drone wonít mind the repetition. Despite being a prolific band with a decade under its belt, this trio is still flying way under most metal fanís radars despite championing a hellacious hybrid sound tailor made for fans of extreme metal at its most jarring to easily become enamored with.
- Mike SOS