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Long Island’s The Sleeping presents a post-hardcore smorgasbord crammed with curveballs on their fourth album THE BIG DEEP. Drenched in reverb and chock full of echo, this 11-track excursion relies big on texture and atmosphere with elements of electronics (“Deafening the UK”) and keyboards leading the way (“Oh, Gloria”) towards the unit’s progressively leaning pop-rock form. Despite vocals seemingly thrust towards the back treated almost as an afterthought, this quintet’s rich musicianship and experimental nuances commandeer the controls to wash over your ears with a plethora of intriguing nuances whether it be via a bouncy reggae bass (“Get You Back”) or a arena rock anthemic drum beat (“Beautiful Gloom”). Emitting a satisfying stream of left of center nuances within their emo-tinged mainframe keeping listeners on their toes, The Sleeping has honed in on making music that retains their identity with enough twists that makes this band’s latest release a cut above the norm.
- Mike SOS