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Iron Thrones is best known for winning the Scion No Label Needed unsigned band contest, allowing them major label luxuries of recording, promoting, and visibility while making their sophomore effort THE WRETCHED SUN. This Minnesota-based quartet’s stunning six-track 41-minute affair is custom made for fans of forward thinking heaviness and showcases just why their victory is well deserved. This squad’s progressive meets post metal hybrid sound is flawlessly executed and has been masterfully captured to highlight this unit’s cohesive shifts in mood and atmosphere, allowing Iron Thrones to confidently stand up amongst the works of influences such as Mastodon, Opeth, The Ocean and Between the Buried and Me. Bolstered with an ingrained sonic savagery able to effortlessly crush skulls (“Ever Flowing”) yet demonstrating an innate ability to dynamically dial back the attack with acoustic interludes and orchestral elements creating titanic ebbs and flows (“I Once Had the Crown”), it is refreshing to see that a contest judged primarily on musical merit still exists today and moreover, that it has been won by a band whose musical output is nothing short of sensational.
- Mike SOS