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Featuring members of bands Aborted, Abigail Williams, and Malignancy, expect a barrage of unhinged brutality and unorthodox heaviness given the diverse places these musicians arrive from on System Divide’s 11-track debut THE CONSCIOUS SEDATION. The biggest surprise nestled within this multi-faceted sextet’s juxtaposed Euro metal platter however is a prevalent female singing presence courtesy of Miri Milman (who just so happens to be involved with band leader Sven de Caluwe), whose soaring angelic vocals throws off the metallic momentum in spots, yet overall make a formidable extreme metal Beauty and the Beast tandem when coupled with de Caluwe’s belligerent bellows coarse growls. System Divide takes some time to settle into, as the disparity of styles at times can be a bit polarizing, yet thanks to the excellent musicianship behind the entire album and a swift pace taken throughout, there’s no reason why songs like “Repent/ Forget” and “Lethargy” wouldn’t appeal to both the Nightwish and Soilwork crowds.
- Mike SOS