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Despite a plethora lineup shakeups and bad business deals, Malevolent Creation trudges forward with the seasoned quintet’s unadulterated anger remains as a force to be reckoned with in the death metal realm as audible on the squad’s 11th studio offering INVIDIOUS DOMINION. Stacked with vicious blasts of velocity and a barrage of enraged vocal rasps leading the charge (“Compulsive Face Breaker”, “Lead Spitter”), this veteran unit’s unwavering death metal stance finally gets its just desserts thanks to the righteous production skills of extreme metal guru Erik Rutan dialing into the classic Florida tones and shaping their hate-fueled explosiveness into razor sharp yet predictable shards of old school heaviness that deviates very little from the original blueprint yet sounds as full and thick as any of their contemporaries still in the game (“Slaughterhouse”).
- Mike SOS