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Long Island quartet Park After Dark has labeled their music as “dark party rock” and judging by their recent five-song excursion SHARKBEAR, this eclectic act isn’t too far off the mark. Rumbling post-punk bass lines and freewheeling stream of consciousness tag team vocals make way for soaring choruses eliciting epic U2-esque sing along moments throughout while shots of quirky indie rock jangle and soulful blues guitar (“Pretending”) permeate between intentionally uneven rhythmic movements (“I’m Spent”) across the duration of this release. Embracing the aura and lifting some trick of fellow LI bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Brand New (“Simple Remedy”) while accentuating their presentation with touches of Sublime, Morrissey and Death Cab for Cutie, Park After Dark deliver an on the fringe fun time for the melancholic set.
- Mike SOS