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The Stitches are lauded in the underground as true pioneers of the punk scene, and the latest collection, the band's first full length in nearly eight years, backs up this claim wholeheartedly. 12 IMAGINARY INCHES spits out melodic venom, like on the supercharged "2 O'clock Shakedown" and the down and dirty "Pick Me Up" throughout its tracks, while its rebus style of letting a picture tell a story, or in this case, reveal the album's track's titles, is at the very least, creative. And while the punk rock scene has been dragged through the mud, attacked, lambasted and has undergone all other forms of degradation, The Stitches play like they don't give a fuck about anything except themselves and their music, personifying what punk is truly about. Bratty, ballsy and purely bad ass, the bottom line is nothing that dares carry the punk label is going to be as honest as what The Stitches just put out.
- Mike SOS