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It is plain to notice within the first few minutes of near 10-minute opener ďFalling DreamĒ that Polish progressive metal troupe Votum leaned on the obvious suspects for inspiration while crafting the atmospheric sounds heard on their latest seven-track affair METAFICTION. Nonetheless, possessing the adroit ability to retain intensity without fully shifting into overdrive is a trait not so easy to pull off, and this sextet comfortably nestles in where boundary lines between Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and Karnivool intersect, fusing soaring guitar lines and haunting synths with hypnotic tribal rhythms bathed in melancholy to emanate a morose yet majestic feel. Chock full of breathy vocals with a sense of danger lurking underneath bursts of knotty musicianship, Votumís softer stance assuredly showcases the bandís elegant style yet rambles through waves of psychedelic rock too often for anyone who would enjoy Votumís music to make sense of the multifaceted direction.
- Mike SOS