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The Rudy Crew is as authentic as a ska band can get, as this NYC outfit's 11 track offering displays a host of ska and reggae influence and really has the groove to get a party going. Boasting ex-members of Skinnerbox, The Stubborn All-Stars and The Ejected, The Rudy Crew is no stranger to the spotlight, and the way in which it's music pulsates and skanks, it's no small wonder that songs like "Love Me Baby" and "Stairway" make you feel so good inside. Chock full of those Carribean rhythms and oodles of horns that illicit crazy hip shaking and body moving, The Rudy Crew goes deeper than The Bosstones and Sublime combined and come up with a real vision of what the entire ska-reggae movement is all about. If you're throwing a party and want to sex up the atmosphere, there's no better disc to throw on than The Rudy Crew's latest.
- Mike SOS