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Serbian black metal unit Kozeljnik projects a consistent stream of mid tempo bleakness on DEEPER THE FALL, the latest six-track effort by the recently paired down duo. Exerting disdain with vengeful wrath via a set of meandering old school tinged black metal compositions, Kozeljnik sticks a bit too close to the blackened playbook for the more demanding yet reveal the propensity to explode with a flurry of fury when needed, dynamically dispersing rage with rapid fire drums and discontenting downtuned guitar runs. Applying influence from the likes of Mayhem, Celtic Frost, and Immortal to develop a reliably glacial blend of black metal, Kozeljnik meshes in lush string arrangements and modern atmospheric elements for pizzazz yet the squad’s drawn-out song structures require modest amounts of patience in order to get to the points of interest, derailing the meat and potatoes music’s intended maliciousness.
- Mike SOS