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Masakari is a crusty Cleveland crew that builds from the work of hometown heroes Ringworm and Integrty with a 10-track offering entitled THE PROFIT FEEDS. Draped in d-beat bliss and raucous hardcore punk rage with a unique sociopolitical slant, this ferocious excursion unloads rounds of volatile guitars with just a hint of melody while harsh vocals spew venomous viewpoints on everything from unrest in the Middle East to animal abuse with a vigilant velocity and unadulterated fury. Backing up the band’s inclinations with devastating degrees of tenacity fueling chugging guitars, explosive time signature changes, and relentlessly piledriving rhythms in songs like the dastardly 50-second thunderclap “Echoes”. Influenced by a healthy smorgasbord of scathing Japanese and American hardcore while possessing the fortitude to go against the grain as heard on the on the astonishing “Outro”, a chilling track where the band’s music is played under dialogue of a US soldier of Middle Eastern background on racism in the armed forces post-9/11. This disc unleashes an inescapably provocative and punishing assault.
- Mike SOS