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The Hope Conspiracy is a Northeastern based hardcore punk outfit that defy most of what we associate that blurred genre as. The fact is that this bruising band of Bostonians use sonic aggression and pure metallic overdrive unlike many in its genre, with the exception of Snapcase, who THC seem to emulate, (especially on the pulsating "Holocaust"), to get the point across. Yet, the band also impalements a punk rock backbone that makes the music that they create very sing-able and surprisingly catchy. While The Hope Conspiracy maintains a constant guitar chug and a dastardly bottom end, a surefire method to awaken the bloodthirsty East Coast hardcore crowds, by juxtaposing a melodic top end and a high end screamer, they add tension and drama to its already potent combination. Such is the case in the nuclear blast that is "Fallen" and the driving drum laden anthem that comprises "Three Year Suicide". All 12 of the tracks on ENDNOTE are seething reminders that sometimes a band can come along and raise the bar of what heavy music is capable of. Definitely a must have for the disenchanted.
- Mike SOS