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Maryland crossover extreme metal mavens Misery Index busts through the gates with their fourth lesson in brutality on the bruising 11-track endeavor HEIRS TO THIEVERY. Summoning power from a combination of the slamming death metal Suffocation, the vicious velocity of Napalm Death, and the American system’s social and political failures (“Sleeping Giants”), this well-versed unit is at the top of their game, unleashing an unrelenting and punishing metallic ambush that decries social injustice as well as it makes moshpits move with reckless abandon (“Fed to the Wolves”). Clocking in at a svelte 35 minutes, this excursion efficiently administers a neck-wrecking beatdown worthy of the attention of those that can handle a bastardized amalgamation of abrasive aggression, slamming grooves (“The Carrion Call”) and forthright lyrical content, complete with incessant double bass blasts and the belligerent vocal presence as only this crushing squad can deliver.
- Mike SOS