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Supplying a seemingly endless stream of slow-crawling doom metal, the downtempo UK trio known as Ramesses unload a monstrously sludgy sophomore full-length sojourn entitled TAKE THE CURSE. This 10-track, 54-minute bruising effort captures the group embracing true evil with every cymbal crash and hypnotic riff delivered (“The Weakening”), while an overall caustic nature embodies what the soundtrack from Satan himself should sound like (“Iron Crow”). Adorned with a bevy of spooky horror movie samples intertwined between a maddening mixture of slow-churned insanity featuring the kind of eerie vocal rasps and bowel-shaking guttural growls, viscous guitars, brutal bottom-ended bass, and crushingly deliberate drum patterns that are both chilling and oppressive (“Baptism of the Walking Dead”), this squad’s penchant for combining death metal’s diabolical mindset with doom metal’s depressive maneuvers mesh the wares of Cathedral, Electric Wizard (a band where two of the three members of Ramesses used to reside), Crowbar, Celtic Frost and St Vitus together to form an impenetrable wall of sound that is both haunting and visceral.
- Mike SOS