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Kissin’ Dynamite is an upstart German quintet with a penchant for writing catchy and heavy tunes in the style of traditional metal a la Scorpions, Motley Crue, Accept, and Judas Priest. This young troupe’s latest 12-track release ADDICTED TO METAL offers nothing new yet develops a winning blend of grandiose metal with a prevalent strand of power metal histrionics in the mix (“All Against All”), making songs like “Love Me Hate Me” soar through the skies when need be. Endorsed by a guest vocal spot from fellow German Udo Dirkschnieder (“Addicted to Metal”) and stacked with a plethora of arena-rock choruses, powerful bass and drum rhythmic patterns, and hot guitar licks in their arsenal (“Metal Nation”), this unit showcases a broad metal taste that runs from glam to power with the balls and bite to stand alongside metal’s elite.
- Mike SOS