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The Defaced, like most of its Swedish metal counterparts, have enough firepower to succinctly bash your skull in, and while the quintet does an ample job of doing so, they allow a more Americanized metal style to creep into the mix. The result is the 10-track molten metal shredfest KARMA IN BLACK, an album that features all of the sonic glory of Sweden in half the time. Concentrating on groove and feel over technicality, The Defaced turn the burners on full blast and don't look back, evoking comparisons to the Bay Area metal scenesters such as Machine Head and Testament. Containing members of Swedish metallers Darkane and Soilwork, The Defaced save some of the more rock oriented influences such as The Scorpions and Rainbow to appear here amongst its solid Pantera and Metallica foundation, making an album that metal fans on both sides of the ocean can whole-heartedly adore.
- Mike SOS