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The Boils are a Philly based punk rock act whose disdain shines bright on its latest 17-track release PRIDE AND PERSECUTION. Using a little more distortion that your average street punk band, The Boils make for an interesting crossover band, falling somewhere in between the oi and the hardcore scene. Catchy choruses, such as the fist pumping one in "New Majority" are commonplace here, yet there's an undercurrent of anger that a lot of punk rock lacks today that The Boils have gladly picked up on and taken as its own. And that, my friends, is what punk rock used to be about, whether it is geared towards your mom, your government, or your everyday shitty life, and no one this side of NYHC legends Agnostic Front have tapped into it quite like The Boils. For a disc that will kick your ass and allow you to throw caution to the wind, pick up the latest from this Philly based punk rock quartet.
- Mike SOS