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Supared is a hard rock band whose 14-track release does a fine job of skimming the fine line between cliche and clever very well. While this quartet have been in a few outfits (most notably Helloween), they avoid being a knock off of any one singular style by incorporating a bunch of different genres into its mix. The result is some solid slabs of hard rock that exude good songwriting with cohesive twists and turns, a stellar usage of melodics, both in the verses and choruses, and overall, a sound that lets the best of '80s rock, '90s grunge, and today's alternative metal share the surroundings. Take the Seattle-esque groove of "Can I Know Now", an in your face tune that combines vocal harmonies you'd find in an emo band colliding with a searing guitar outro that screams of the Sunset Strip. There's a whole lot of that going on here, and if you're a fan of the cream of the crop from every viable hard rock genre after 1975, then Supared is going to be quite the enjoyable listen for you.
- Mike SOS