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A cornerstone act of the NWOBHM movement, Raven has returned in 2010 with an intense fire fueling their 12th studio offering, emitting nothing but the purest intentions on the throwback to their heyday release WALK THROUGH FIRE. Relying on their trademarked tried and true ďathletic rockĒ nuances of intertwining undisciplined vocals, nimble fretwork, and of course, loads of speed-driven but neatly compiled compositions together, this storied trio pull off a formidable task of coming through with a winning batch of amped-up metal that is both cohesive and kicks much ass without sounding tired or dated. Thanks to a heartfelt application of songwriting that fires on all cylinders keeping the band on track from repeating their disastrous directional mistakes from the late 80ís on, this 16-track affair tacks on a few live cuts and a Montrose cover for kicks, but itís the meat of the recording where Ravenís expedience with experience shines brightest. If you long for the days of yore, Ravenís latest disc contains all the charm and grit of their most moderate successes and should pique the interest of old fans and curious newbies alike.
- Mike SOS