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SUNN 0)))

Sunn 0))) is quite possibly the most severe doom band out on the scene today, not because of its sound per se, but because of the duo's belief in the entire lifestyle that accompanies its music. There should be no doubt that Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson (the Southern Lord label head) are the deacons of all that is doom, as this three-song, nearly hour-long opus undeniably proves. With a wall of sound thicker than the Earth's crust as this band's backbone, how can you even question Sunn 0)))'s exalted stature within the doom realm? WHITE1 is on a level beyond most human comprehension, and should be labeled and marketed as such. That being said, Sunn 0))) once again take the word heavy and have reshaped, retooled, and restructured it into a formula that fits for this head caving duo.
- Mike SOS