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What if good old redneck charm mixed with the upper echelon of society? Ask Speedealer, because this raucous quartet from Texas has captured that exact vibe on its second release, SECOND SIGHT. Produced by Metallica scarab Jason Newsted, this 12-track juggernaut implements elements of Newsted's previous employers (especially the visceral early days, such as in the scolding title track). Yet, it also adds in punk rock's bravado, the crushing guitar stomp of metal and even a hearty slab of slacker rock. This kind of diversity makes Speedealer an entity to be enjoyed by many different sects of rock fans, from the morbid punkers who'll surely thrive from the Ramones-tinged "Kill Myself Tonight" to the avant garde metal fan, who'll enjoy the Primus meets doom rock of "Infinitesimal". Sadly, Speedealer have decided to call it a day; yet it left behind quite a swan song.
- Mike SOS