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The bluesy stomp of Solace will ring in your ears long after the music leaves your stereo, as this New Jersey based quartet take the East Coast rock sound and add some sludgy, wah- wah guitars and a slew of tricks from stoner bands across the board to create the 12-track project 13. Solace knows how to jam, people, and they never are shy about showing off, as right from the get-go, the listener is treated to "Loving Sickness/Fuel", a barn burning, harmonica-tinged, spiritual journey that evokes Sabbath, Kyuss and St. Vitus in a five minute magical musical moment. Throw in some doom flavored drive, like the hypnotic "Once Around The Sun", a guest spot by the legendary Wino on "Common Cause" and two covers, Pentagram's "Forever My Queen", which gets a particularly sludgy treatment, and the totally changed-up Agnostic Front cover, "With Time", which, when put to a doom beat, sounds so much more ominous, and Solace becomes the belles of the stoner rock ball. And for those that whore for guitars galore, you've got a lot to be thankful for, as the massive guitar effects keep coming from the Solace six stringed attack. Meanwhile, the rhythm section holds down the crushing beats and the vocalist known as Jason keeps the mid range warble somewhere between '74-era Ozzy and NWOBHM heroism. If you're looking for a grooving album to get submersed in, Solace should be just the band you need.
- Mike SOS