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Maryland's Sixty Watt Shaman returns with a blistering 16 track follow up to its debut release from Spitfire. REASON TO LIVE gives every rock fan something to smile about, from the Southern baked rock of "Nomad" to the Metallica-based stomp of "Our Name Is War" to a free form jam session in "All Things Come To Pass". Still maintaining a groove laden base, this release is decisively heavier than SWS's previous offerings. Maybe it's because REASON TO LIVE boasts the production of four string sensation Scott Reeder and also includes an appearance by everyone's favorite stoner rock king, Wino (ex-Obsessed). Name dropping aside, this fist pumping, hard rocking clan proves that it can stand on its own, thanks to Zeppelin-esque acoustic gems like "The Mill Wheel" and the headbangingly good "My Ruin", a track that equally embodies the spirits of Sabbath and Skynyrd. Clocking in at over 70 minutes of hard rocking, this CD needs some time in your player to truly soak in all of its glory, but once it seeps through your brain, you'll find that REASON TO LIVE is as fine of a rock album that you'll find out there today.
- Mike SOS