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What's up with Canada and the country's ability to produce falsetto metal singers? That may be a study unto itself, yet add the Vancouver based Sir Hedgehog to Canada's A-list of rock acts, as the band's 10 track hard rock opus not only boasts a high pitched heavy metal vocal, but some of the grittiest and downright honest hard rock in North America. Groovy like a '70s disco party, heavy like a Sabbath show circa 1976 and all around, as bad ass as a double bill of Motorhead and Black Label Society, this band understands how to stir the rock crock pot quite well. Each song is epically ass kicking, retaining the majesty of Rush with the firepower of Maiden. Take the aptly titled "Monster" for example, whose heavy handed backbeat and trippy, screaming guitar swirl revolves around your head long after the second toke. Despite the Dungeons and Dragons imagery being a bit passť, Sir Hedgehog's musical delivery stomps through each decade of rock, plucking out only the best and adding it into its arsenal of raucous rock and roll. Sir Hedgehog's self-titled album is a battle cry, an affirmation and an epiphany all rolled into one, so if you're prepared to feel the power of the groove, dig in and enjoy the ride.
- Mike SOS