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Silverstein, a nubile outfit from Ontario, Canada, shows its love for the children's author Shel Silverstein by naming the band after the timeless author. But don't be alarmed, there's not a shred of kid's stuff on WHEN BROKEN IS EASILY FIXED, unless your perception of kid's stuff includes the new breed of punk rock injected with metal riffs, hardcore scream-a-thons, and a hearty heaping of angst. While the music Silverstein creates is very much in line with fellow Canadians Grade (whose former singer Kyle Bishop appears on the title track), the output, while not exactly the most breakthrough of sounds, is heartfelt and intense. Just check out the gut wrenching screams of "Bleeds No More" or the jagged rhythm of "The Weak and The Wounded" and see for yourself how Silverstein's mod punk sounds fit in right along side Thrice, The Used, and Coheed and Cambria.
- Mike SOS