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Canada's Sheavy return with its third release that once again puts this quartet in the driver's seat when it comes to emulating the mighty Black Sabbath. But don't blame vocalist Steve Hennessey for his pseudo-Ozzy warble, it's just his style. Hell, we all know The Oz-man can't hit those glorious falsetto notes of yore anymore, so why can't Sheavy do the music world some justice and give us what we want? Besides, just like Iommi and company, as well as the band's fellow countrymen, Rush, Sheavy share the art of experimentation, taking heavy grooves and morphing them over spacey keyboards, such as on the title track. Furthermore, SYNCHRONIZED sounds as organic as anything out there today, thanks in part to the band basically going live without a game plan and leaving the studio with 11 deep tracks that kick ass, such as the slash and burn fretwork that pervades "AFX" and the amped to 11 boom of "Firebird 350". While the band can take even more heat by enlisting Sabbath producer Mike Butcher to man the production duties, the end result is something grandiose, groovy and all together, bad ass, much like any classic Ozzy led Sabbath project. Sheavy, much like the band they resemble the most, are starting to carve out their own niche, even though the apple hasn't really fallen far from the tree.
- Mike SOS