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With song titles like “For Those Who Stayed Satanic” and “Celebration of the Goat”, it’s pretty evident what to expect from Necrophobic’s no-frills eight-track audio sacrifice to Satan DEATH TO ALL. Blistering black metal a la Dissection exalting Beelzebub is precisely what’s on tap from this veteran Swedish squad, complete with a garden variety permutation of dastardly vocal rasps, abrasive dynamic shifts, belligerent blast beats, and tremolo-picked demonic guitars propelling the entire offering (“La Santisima Muerte”). Supercharged with a sinister spirit brazen with an apocalyptic attitude holding tight at the core, chalk up another dark mark in the black book of blasphemy for Necrophobic, as this band continues to spread its message of disdain while providing a fitting soundtrack behind it all.
- Mike SOS