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Egoist is a one-man band (naturally) from Poland with a somber yet schizophrenic take on heavy music. ULTRA-SELFISH REVOLUTION features a sobering eight tracks of avant-garde acuteness complete with a jarring dissonance and clinical angularity, as if machines manipulated man to make this music happen rather than the other way around. Striking a middle ground between NIN, Helmet, Clawfinger, Bjork, and Protest the Hero, these songs are difficult to decode upon first impression, yet reveal an off-kilter undercurrent of abrasiveness thanks to the funk on drugs basslines and choppy rhythmic parts employed ("Bright Shift"), not to mention a few choice guest solos courtesy of Patrick Mameli ("(Not) the End") to emit an ultimately unsettling listening experience reserved for the most open-minded of the prog metal contingent.
- Mike SOS