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Unknown Instructors continue to inspire with their third effort, the 12-track FUNLAND. This free-form jazz punk jamboree isn't going to get the party started, but it will guide through tough times after one listen of the discernibly sadder and more morose tales told in spoken word Beatnik meets film noir style ("Last Waltz", "Afternoon Spent at the Bar, Sunny"). But it's not all gloom and doom at the old man's tavern, as sometimes the bass and drums (courtesy of Mike Watt and George Hurley of Firehose) morph into a razzmatazz blues groove, providing a backdrop for some righteous soapbox preaching ("Lead!"), then switching into a herky-jerky bounce ("C'mon") . Rendering a way above the cut listening experience best taken in headphones, FUNLAND is a divine disc for those with the headspace to spare.
- Mike SOS