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Old School Swedish death metal troupe Seance return with their third endeavor, a durable slab of classically-rounded raging madness complete with the gutwrenching growls, dastardly drums and demonic riffs straight out of 1992 (around the time of this unit's debut). AWAKENING THE GODS is an explosive 11-track exercise in evil whose malevolent metallic mayhem leaves holes in the walls while summoning netherworld spirits thanks to the crushing low-end rhythms and drop on a dime precision this quartet employ ("Your Time Has Come", "Prisoner 666"), not to mention the incessant feeling of getting punched in the head songs like "Murder" bring on. Tasty solos, technical playing laden with grooves galore, slivers of variation (the gonzo acoustic track "Flight of the Wicked" is self-indulgent yet aces), and a threatening combination of malice and aggression allow Seance to make good on the promise to dutifully dole out something more sinister than the rest of the pack.
- Mike SOS