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West Coast punk veterans Eric Melvin, Greg Hetson, and friend's pet project PUNK ROCK KARAOKE have released a slamming CD/DVD version of the clever live band karaoke shtick, aptly self-titled and bursting with punk rock fun. The CD portion contains 10-tracks of punk rock luminaries from Dicky Barret and Dave King to Mike Herrera and Matt Skiba belting out classic anarchistic anthems by the likes of Bad Religion, The Adolescents, and Black Flag, but it's the DVD when it all comes together, craftily featuring the option to remove vocals from the mix so that you, yes YOU can be a punk rock rebel, right from comfy confines of your couch while making the Guitar Hero-like love come alive right before your eyes. Even though doing this on stage at a real club with a unsuspecting crowd is definitely the optimum way to experience this whole shebang, the collection does a fine job to give a little for those yearning to take the party home.
- Mike SOS