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The evil folks at Necropolis have unleashed the beastly 17-track 1998 release from Phobia, and it sounds as fresh and sick as anything out on the death/grind horizon today. With socially charged lyrics that call for an awakening of the average American from the doldrums of everyday existence, it's surprising that MEANS OF EXISTENCE was chosen to be re-released at such a tumultuous time in the country. Despite the timing, what hasn't changed is the full-on approach of Phobia, whose guitar work is ragingly deep and low and whose vocal shrills and guttural splattering are second to none. Mixing in elements of Napalm Death, the Tampa death metal scene and Swedish black metal, Phobia creates a din that deserves to be heard from again. If you're into the grinding side of metal, this is an essential CD to own.
- Mike SOS