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Re-released from 2007, Texas grindcore trio Insect Warfare's WORLD EXTERMINATION gets the re-release treatment courtesy of Earache, and hail Satan for that! This disc yields a blindingly-fast and corrosively abrasive metallic mauling, essential for fans of Brutal Truth, Napalm Death and Nasum to get their crusty claws on. Broken down into 20-tracks clocking in at a violent 23-minutes, this now-defunct squad blasts through a hellacious barrage of musical misanthropy ("Hydraphobia"), savagely ripping apart your aural cavity with an endless stream of drum pounding and crushing guitar riffs ("Nuclear Deterrence", "Self Termination") while the demonic rasp proceeding over the battle barks with belligerent grunts and yowls with desperate wails ("Enslaved by Machinery", "Mind Ripper"). Insect Warfare's warmongering shredding and rapid-fire tempos are not for the weak-willed metal fan, as this band solicits a primal need unapologetically rip off your face like a vicious animal would without a shred of remorse.
- Mike SOS