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Necroblaspheme delivers a vicious barrage of muscular death metal intensity and foreboding doom metal juxtaposing on the nine-track DESTINATION: NULLE PART. Chock full of slamming grooves ("Sorry for Us") and brazen flashes of technicality within a well-structured metallic paradigm ("Descent's Genesis"), this French outfit's off-kilter atmosphere stems from the ferocious flurry of tempo changes and dynamic shifts woven into the framework, rendering exhilarating demonstrations of extreme metal ( "2h40am", "=????>I"). Take the exploratory nature of Gojira, sprinkle in some Celtic Frost, and top it off with precise devastation a la Suffocation and Necroblaspheme is the end result, a menacing beast whose bastardized blasts grip tightly on the jugular throughout the album's entire 36 minutes.
- Mike SOS