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The mighty metal onslaught of New Jersey's Overkill is nearly two decades deep, and the band shows no sign of slowing down, amply displayed on its latest 10-track release. KILLBOX 13 (the band's thirteenth album!) still contains Bobby Blitz's trademark high-pitched growl and is still driven by DD Verni's pulsating basslines. And, the band is still as metal as it was during its 1985 debut, proving that, like Motorhead and AC/DC, bands that have never changed to be "hip "and instead remain steadfast ultimately go the distance. Produced by sonic guru Colin Richardson, the guitars are crunchy and crisp (check out the twin guitar assault in "The Sound of Dying" for proof), the drums are thunderous, and the overall levels of boom are enough to satisfy the most ardent of headbanger. Overkill has returned, albeit older, but wiser, and still with a flare for wrecking your neck. Isn't it nice that some things haven't changed a goddamn bit?
- Mike SOS