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Malleable NYC metal unit Wetnurse whip up another furious flurry of forward thinking metal on the quintet's latest effort INVISIBLE CITY. This extreme eight-track excursion eagerly runs up and down the aisles in the heavy metal supermarket, grabbing everything in sight, chucking it into a brooding battleship-like shopping cart for their diabolical devourment. Channeling the vocal gymnastics of Candiria, the efficient instrumental elegance of Baroness, the dynamic dissonance of Dillinger Escape Plan, and the disenchanted discourse of Today is the Day, this squad squarely bridges the gap between modern metal waters on cuts like the mesmerizing "Conversations With the Moon" and the demonically-charged "Show Your Spell Miss Hell". Best absorbed via uninterrupted listen, Wetnurse's sweeping stylistic shifts seamlessly meld into each other to form an elaborate tapestry of crushing avant garde metal whose vivacious musicianship raises the bar on what the amalgamation of adventurous and battering should sound like.
- Mike SOS