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Open Hand is a Los Angeles based rock band that will blow you away if you like your hardcore progressive and your rock 'n' roll really hard. Implementing elements of Pink Floyd, Glassjaw, Deftones and Peter Gabriel into one giant swirl of music, Open Hand may just be the most sophisticated hardcore band on the scene today. Despite the fact that THE DREAM is really the compilation of two of the band's previous releases, combined, the mission statement that the band aims for seems very clear. Hard and hooky numbers like "Life As Is", with acoustic guitars up top and a driving rhythm underneath makes for some of the most immaculate music on the scene today, while the undeniable dual guitar attack of "11th Street" bridges emo, metal and power punk into one big love fest, suitable for everyone to enjoy. If the new song, the beautifully disjointed "626" is any indication, there's a lot more left of Open Hand's unique musical talent to engulf.
- Mike SOS