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Pistola's latest 12-track venture THE BLEEDER maintains this NYC unit's pensive post-hardcore attack revealed on previous offering HOLD FOR BLISS. This band's biggest strength remains the delicate balance of brooding power and somber restraint they exert throughout the course of their 12-track offering, as "Tragedy is a Beauty Queen" walks a tightrope with mesmerizing percussion and Patricia Gradin's fearlessly cascading vocals complementing deftly jagged fretwork while staccato rhythms meld with soaring vocal performances on the engaging "Be Patient" and the biting "Music Snobs". Glistening with melody (the Sabbath-esque swing of "Out and About with Danny Rowe" stands out here) while attentively displaying the gritty underbelly of the Big Apple thanks to a cavalcade of raw Unsane meets Quicksand guitars and PJ Harvey meets Robert Plant vocal histrionics ("We're Alright Pt. 2", "The Battle of 4 Vs. 5"), Pistola entrances, engulfs, and intrigues listeners with their brand of potent post hardcore.
- Mike SOS