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German experimental hardcore troupe flu.ID have made an album proper by repackaging two previous 10-inch releases with a few bonus tracks and a strange assortment of electronic interludes to create a 15-track collection of schizophrenic heaviness and offbeat weirdness titled IOTS. Imagine Refused jamming out with Dillinger Escape Plan while a techno party looms in the background for an idea of what this eclectic trio brings to the table. Channeling hardcore's dissonant aggression while releasing an unsettling helping of tech metal warfare and savage noise rock on unprepared ears ("Estonia Flutet Die Titanic", this unit isn't content until you've been disturbed ("New Imperial Sadism"), destroyed ("Ordinary Different") and devastated ("b"). Wryly unorthodox yet totally crushing, this offering yields an ominous listening experience and requires a slew more comprehension than most, but is well worth the brain contortions if you enjoy music laced with chaos ("Strategy First").
- Mike SOS