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Liverpool, UK quartet SSS (Short Sharp Shock) provide an expedient excursion to relentlessly bang your head to in the form of the 20-track THE DIVIDING LINE. This crossover crew's dead-on thrash metal acumen and authentic skate punk methods would make both Suicidal Tendencies and Destruction proud ("Toxic Bee”,” Purple Reign"). Displaying a unit at the top of their game, SSS gleefully barrels through track after track of lean and mean take no prisoners brutality with a self-induced panic-stricken mania and seething anger leading the charge ("Invertbrate", "Sk8 + Destroy"). Fortifying the frontlines of the recent thrash resurgence with an endless barrage of infectious choruses played at breakneck speed, this brazen affair masterfully combines the devastating brevity of SOD, DRI, and Municipal Waste and is essential for those who love to live in the fast lane.
- Mike SOS