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New Jersey doom merchants Maegashira clobber your cranium with a sludgy six-track sixty minute deluge into the depths of this quartet's off-centered musical soul, drudging up shards of boogie-laden stoner metal and heinous hardcore metal heft from their collective musical wreckage along the way to comprise THE STARK ARCTIC. Not afraid to allow their inner Eyehategod to usurp the moment nor dive headlong into an icicle-inducing crushing metal jam, this fearless foursome's boisterous proclamation of pure power renders an unorthodox yet punishing listening experience whose few and far between bellicose vocals keep the menacing tones creeping inside your head ("Back to Muro") long after the song is over. If you've got the patience to let the psychedelic elements soak through these diabolical jams layered in lava, Maegashira's new album projects a convincing slab of slow-churned vitriol embracing the darker side of the spectrum.
- Mike SOS