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Mobster hardcore? Yeah, it's out there, thanks to the tough guy hardcore outfit North Side Kings, a quartet that shares as much in common with Tony Soprano as they do with Sick of it All. With songs that range from usual hardcore topics, like honor and respect ("Catch A Break", "No More Regrets"), to eating a lot on Sunday and being homesick for the East Coast ("The Finer Things In Life", "Homesick"), there's a wide range that this transplanted East Coast act brings to their current place of residence, Arizona, that the Southwest probably is only accustomed to watching on HBO. Better yet, NSK's scolding music sounds like a cross between DRI and Hatebreed while the lyrical content goes from tongue in cheek to fist in your face. So, if you're looking for an authentic Italian ass kicking, look no further, because the North Side Kings are more than happy to oblige.
- Mike SOS