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Chunky, chugging guitars start off No Warning's ILL BLOOD, and that's merely a precursor for the DMS style hardcore that's to follow by the powerhouse quartet. Sounding like Madball mating with Hatebreed (yea, it's that brutal), No Warning is as uncompromising as hardcore bands come, not giving up one inch when it comes to telling the world exactly how they feel, like on the seething "Leech", where Ben Cook unmercifully offers "a cold shoulder and a wave of hand". The tracks that comprise ILL BLOOD showcase that much revered Leeway metalcore sound on the surface, but the guitars morph into some punkier, angrier power chords, leaving you with 12 tracks that will kick your ass right across the room. There's good reason why people are talking about No Warning, because they've probably left a trail of broken bones and expensive damage along their path of destruction.
- Mike SOS