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Hailing from Denmark, Submission is yet another act springing up from the saturated melodic death metal front that warrants attention, providing formidable competition for the genre's leaders with a precise blend of assaultive thrash riffs, snarling and aggressive yet intelligible vocals, and adroit technical prowess. Despite this quintet's sophomore effort being marred by bad luck both on the business and personal end, CODE OF CONSIPIRACY celebrates their revival and marks the debut of vocalist Lasse Sivertsen, whose versatile style packs just as strong a punch on curiously-placed classic metal acoustic cut "Determent Infiltration" as it does for the Trivium-esque "Celebrate the Dead", the scorching title track and the crunchy Strapping Young Lad meets Gojira with huge In Flames chorus track "An Illusion of the Perfect Forever". Toss in an endless supply of solid chops highlighted on instrumental cut and album closer "The End of Eternity" along with a well-rounded array of influences from dark progressive to nation-hopping melodeath woven into this band's fabric, and fans of Soilwork and Hatesphere that want the sound to go a bit deeper will rejoice, as Submission is added as another name on the list of bands to check out.
- Mike SOS